Data Science with AI

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  • Python Programming Introduction to Python Python Data Types
  • List, Sets, Tuples, Dictionary and Looping Programming Python Oops and Database, Excel using Python
  • Data Analysis and Visualization using
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • MatPlotLib
    • Plotly
    • Cufflinks

R Programming

  • Basics of R
  • Conditional and loops
  • R packages/libraries
  • Data mining GUI in R
  • Data structures in R
  • Exceptions/debugging in R

Stats & probability

  • Descriptive statistics, random variables, and probability distribution functions
  • Data distributions like uniform, binomial, exponential, Poisson, etc
  • Probability concepts, set theory, and hypothesis testing
  • Central limit theorem, t-test, chi-square, z-test
  • Central limit theorem
  • Anova

Machine Learning Models in Python and R

  • The linear regression model in R
  • Multiple linear regressions model
  • Representation of regression results
  • Non-linear regression models
  • Tree-based regression models
  • Decision tree-based models
  • Rule-based systems

Machine Learning Mining Algorithms Using R

  • Association analysis
  • Market-based analysis/rules
  • Apriori algorithm
  • Ensemble models – random forest model, boosting model
  • Segmentation analysis- types of segmentation, k-means clustering, Bayesian clustering.
  • Feature selection/ dimension reduction, factor or component analysis.
  • Axes
  • Covariance

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Tokenization
  • Chunks
  • U – Chunks and P – Chunks
  • Bag of Words
  • U – Bag of Words and P – Bag of Words
  • How to use NLP with Machine Learning models.
  • How to use NLP with Deep Learning models.
  • Category Predictor
  • U – Category Predictor and P – Category Predictor
  • Gender Identifier
  • U – Gender Identifier and P – Gender Identifier
  • Sentiment Analyzer
  • U – Sentiment Analyzer and P – Sentiment Analyzer
  • Topic Modeling
  • U – Topic Modeling and P – Topic Modeling
  • Introduction to Chatbots
  • Script-based chatbots
  • AI-based chatbots
  • Integrations with
  • Integration of Facebook Messenger with

Deep Learning Models n Python and R

  • Artificial Neural networks Intuition(ANN)
  • Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN)
  • Self Organizing Maps(SOM)
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Note: All above sections will be implemented with TensorFlow and Keras, Programming knowledge of TensorFlow and Keras will be given during Model buildings

Artificial Intelligence

  • Why Ai?
  • Introduction of Ai
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Q-Learning Intuition
  • Deep Convolutional Q-Learning Intuition
  • A3C
  • Building an AI
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Open Cv

Time Series Forecasting in R and Model Deployment

  • Basics of time series
  • Components of time series
  • Time series forecasting
  • Deploying predictive models
  • Using SQL server
  • Using external tools
  • Using big data tools
  • Integrating R with Hadoop/spark

Data Wrangling Using SQL and Excel

  • SQL queries
  • Integrating with R
  • Deployment and execution
  • Data modeling and formatting using excel
  • Excel formulas to perform analytics
  • Macros for job automation

Data Analysis and Visualization Using Tableau

  • Introduction to tableau and its layout
  • Connecting tableau to files and databases
  • Data filters in tableau
  • Calculation and parameters
  • Tableau graphs and maps
  • Creating tableau dashboard
  • Data blending

Creating superimposed graphs

  • Integrating Tableau with R

Projects and Case Study On R, Excel, SQL and Tableau

  • Finally, round up your experience with critical work experience by engaging in 2 Real-Time projects and a case study.
  • E-commerce case study.
  • Healthcare Analytics.
  • Telemetrics NPS Analytics.
  • Startup growth Rate Analytics.
  • Vehicle Traffic Report Analytics
  • Inventory Management Analytics

Machine Learning List

Our Research Works

  • Fake News Detection Project
  • Bitcoin Price Predictor Project
  • Uber Data Analysis Project
  • Xbox Game Prediction Project
  • Barbie with Brains Project
  • Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
  • Speech Emotion Recognition Project
  • Catching Illegal Fishing Project
  • Online Grocery Recommendation using Collaborative Filtering
  • Movie Recommendation System using Machine Learning

Deep Learning

  • Build your Own Neural Net from Scratch
  • Image Classification with CIFAR-10 Dataset
  • Human Face Detection
  • Dog’s Breed Identification
  • Traffic Sign Classification
  • Automatic Music Generation
  • Music Genre Classification
  • Text Summarizer
  • Gender Recognition Using Voice
  • Chatbot Using Deep Learning
  • Face Aging

Advanced Deep Learning

  • Gender and Age Detection
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Human Activity Recognition with Video Classification
  • Image Caption Generator
  • Generate Human Faces with DCGAN
  • Language Translator

Computer Vision Projects for Beginners

  • Edge Detection
  • Photo Sketching
  • Detecting Contours
  • Object Tracking with Camshift Algorithm
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanner
  • Image Segmentation
  • Human Counting with OpenCV
  • Mobile Document Scanner
  • Colour Detection

Advanced Computer Vision Projects

  • Face Recognition
  • Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Good Dog Capture
  • Vehicle Counting and Classification
  • Selfie Capture when the User Smiles
  • Virtual Drums with OpenCV
  • Image Reverse Search Engine
  • LibriSpeech
  • Free Spoken Digit Dataset (FSDD)

Different NLP Scenarios

  • Speech Recognition
  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Document Summarization

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for Beginners

  • Handwritten Digits Recognition
  • Lane Line Detection
  • Spoiler Blocker Extension
  • Spam Classifier
  • Optimal Path
  • Artificial Intelligence in Pneumonia Detection
  • Game of Chess
  • Fire Detection and Localization Using Surveillance Camera
  • Next word predictor
  • Chatbot using AIML

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

  • Fake Product Review Monitoring System
  • Learn to Drive with Reinforcement Learning
  • Automatic Attendance System
  • Price Negotiator Ecommerce Chatbot
  • AI Bot to Play Snake Game
  • Music Recommendation App


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